Resource Estimation

Array Metals and Natural Resources has considerable experience in supervising mining exploration programs by interpreting or estimating the structural settings of mine and ore deposits with the help of advanced sampling techniques. In fact, the high-tech assaying techniques that are used by our team eventually help our clients find, demarcate, and estimate the quality and size of the mineral deposits in an effective manner. We have an experienced team of resource geologists who possess credible experience in mineral occurrences, estimating mineral resources, auditing and reviewing mineral reserves, and reporting the same according to the approved international reporting codes.

At Array Metals and Natural Resources, our team of geologists and engineers are experts in using different mining software and standard geological applications for modelling as well as estimating the mineral resources and reserves.

Resource Estimation

  • Structural Interpretation
  • Solid model, Block model, Grade model & Structural model
  • Estimation of Resources
  • Reserves, Grade & Production Reconciliation

Compliance Resource Reporting

  • National Instrument 43-101
  • MOC
  • UNFC
  • JORC

The company is experienced in the assessment and estimation of various mined commodities like ferrous, heavy mineral sands, precious metals, gas, coal, and other bulk materials. Our approach to reserves assessment and resource estimation comprises our strengths in ore deposit geology, structural geology, better understanding of geo-statistical theories, and operational mining experience. Each of our resource estimation projects is tailored to several general procedures like:

  • A complete assessment of the quality and quantity of mineral reserves and ores, using the data management techniques.
  • The creation of 2D and 3D mineralization and geological models for better resource estimation.
  • Statistical as well as geo-statistical analysis of the data along with the determination of the appropriate grade as well as density interpolation methods.
  • Reporting and classification of mineral reserves according to the internationally approved guidelines.

Data sampling and quality analysis are the cornerstones of resource estimation and we at Array Metals and Natural Resources provide specific services in this area. Our team of geologist experts makes the utmost use of state-of-the-art software to produce accurate 2D and 3D mineralization models. They also use various approved statistical methods and advanced geo-statistical procedures for determining the actual commodity distribution. All these techniques help us report mineral resource estimates with globally accepted reporting codes. Our resource estimation services also provide a proper basis for various project evaluations as well as mine planning exercises. Our approach is to tailor our input according to our client’s needs and maintain an autonomous role for reporting of reserves and mineral resources in the public domain.

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