Equipment Concept Studies

Accomplishing higher production goals and achieving the production targets are the two biggest challenges for every mining industry to stay ahead in the global market. Therefore, most mining companies employ proper measurement of large and capital-intensive mining equipment that are deployed in mining projects.

As a matter of fact, the performance of mining equipment and machines depends greatly on the operating environment, the dependability and steadfastness of the equipment used, the operation procedure, the efficiency in equipment maintenance, and the technical expertise of the miners. The repercussions of mining equipment failure become more critical with the continual increase in the size and complexity of the mining equipment.

This is why the equipment concept studies and reliability analysis are imperatively essential to determine the bottlenecks in the system, as well as identify the different components or mining subsystems with low reliability.

We at Array Metals and Natural Resources conduct extensive equipment concept studies to enhance the operational performance of mining equipment and machineries deployed. Equipment concept studies are carried out with the help of various commercial software applications. At Array Metals and Natural Resources, we select the most suitable method for data collection and reliability analysis of mining equipment. Our team of experts optimizes the mining process in order to enhance the mine profitability and recovery. Equipment concept studies have historically proven to be extremely helpful in improving the mining operational efficiencies and deliver substantial savings to our clients.

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